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Final Fantasy 8: Spoiler Free Mini-Guide

I assume that you are playing cards, making use of card mod and various refine skills, and remaining at the original level.


Things to Do Differently on Future Playthroughs

- Begin Card Queen Quest on Disc 1 - ie, send her to Dollet before beginning Timber Mission.  Also, lose only the relevant cards to her, instead of using an unrelated card to shuttle her around.
- Have Seifer level Ifrit up to level 10 during Dollet Mission on Disc 1.
- Finish the dog bone quest in Dollet later for better items.
- Watch the scenes between Zell and the library girl.

Balamb Garden

- 8 Beginner Cards from the Guy near the 2nd Floor lift.
- Shiva at desk or Front Gate.
- Quetzalcoatl at desk or Front Gate.
- Occult Fan I in Library.
- Esuna drawpoint in Library.
- Draw Sleep and Silence from Grats in Training Centre.
- Blizzard drawpoint in Training Centre.

Fire Cavern

- Draw Cure, Scan, Thunder, Blizzard and Fire from enemies on Alcauld Plains.
- Defeat Ifrit. 


- Draw Cure, Fire, Thunder and Blizzard from G-Soldiers.
- Blind Drawpoint in the Comm Tower.
- Draw Esuna from Wedge.
- Draw Siren from Elvoret.
- Draw Doubles from Elvoret.
- Weapons Mon Mar from Elvoret.


- Timber Maniacs in Hotel Room or at Train Station.  Reading it at the hotel will change the first scene with Julia.
- Card a Bomb in the Fire Cavern.
- Card a T-Rexaur in the woods on Alcauld Plains.
- Win the Zell card from Ma Dincht.

Balamb Garden

- Win the Minimog card in the Foyer.
- Obtain the Battle Meter from Cid.
- Draw Protects from Raldos and Blind and Shell from Granaldo.
- Pick up Weapons Mon April from Squall's new desk.
- Win the Quistis card from her groupies in the Cafeteria.
- Pick up the Magical Lamp from Cid.  Defeat Diablo to obtain GF and Card.
- Obtain Seifer card from Cid.
- Use Diablos's Status Mag RF to make Break magic from Cockatrice Pinions and Softs.

Train to Timber

- Pets Pals Vol. 1 in SeeD Cabin.  


- After the briefing obtain the Angelo card from Watts.
- Pick up Pets Pals Vol. 2 in Rinoa's room. 
- Buy Pets Pals Vol 3 and Pets Pals Vol 4 from the Pet Shop near the station.
- Pick up Girl Next Door in the stacks of magazines in Timber Maniacs.
- Read the issue of Timber Maniacs in the main office.
- Try the Owl's Tears in the house near the railway.
- Find the man's 500 gil savings.

Side Trips - Dollet, Timber Maniacs, Siren, Starting the Obel Lake Sidequest

- Read the issue of Timber Maniacs in the hotel room.
- Read the issue of Timber Maniacs upstairs in the Shining Bomber pub.
- Spread the Open rule throughout this region.
- Speak to the boy outside the house, follow him inside and look at the painting.  Look for the dog where the bone is for a potion.
- Repeat for a phoenix down.
- Repeat for a soft.
- Head back to Timber.
- Read the issue of Timber Maniacs in the Timber Hotel.
- Play cards without sharing Dollet's rules, until you pick up the Galbadian rule set.
- Go to Obel Lake and try humming until you are asked to find Mr Monkey.
- Go to Mandy Beach  just northeast of Timber and run around until you see an alien abduct a statue.
- Go back to Dollet and abolish the Random rule.
- Head back to the Shining Bomber and beat the owner to gain access to his secret room.
- Click on the piles of magazines in the secret room to get Occult Fan II.  This is random and may take a while.
- Win the Siren card from the pub owner.
- Find Mr Monkey in the forest west of Dollet.
- Return to the lake and hum to relay the whereabouts of Mr Monkey.
- Throw a rock until it skips "many many times".
- Throw a rock at Mr Monkey until he throws one back.

Excavation Site

- Go down the ladder and pick up the Old Key.
- Tamper with the middle door.
- Try to tamper with the far-right hatch.
- Pick up the second Old Key on the next screen.
- Go right and loop round to try to tamper with the left hatch.
- Hit the red fuse followed by the blue one.  Both hatches should swing open.
- Move the boulder to find a cure drawpoint.

 Galbadia Garden

- Play cards with the girl in the right classroom in the East wing, to pick up a few level 6 cards.
- Play the student in the locker room near the hockey rink until Open spreads throughout Trabia.
- Play with the girl in the right classroom; do not mix rules.
- Play with the student until Random or Plus is abolished.  Repeat above until Plus is also abolished.
- Life Drawpoint in Locker Room.
- Haste Drawpoint in golden light.

Deling City

- Pick up Timber Maniacs in the hotel. 

Tomb of the Unknown King

- Draw Life from Sacred.
- Defeat Sacred and Minotaur to gain the Brothers GF and their cards. 
- Learn Mug and win a few Dragon Fangs (Grendel) and Dragon Skins (Anacondaur) in the forest near Galbadia Garden.

Deling City

- As Rinoa, pick up Weapons Mon May from the sewers.
- Draw Carbuncle from the Iguions.
- Mug an Elixir from Edea.


- Spend all of Laguna's money at the shop. 

D-District Prison

- Play cards on level 10 to improve your Battle Meter.
- Play cards on level 11 for a 2/256 chance of winning a Rosetta Stone.  Thundaga draw point in the next-door cell.
- Berserk Drawpoint on level 9.
- Play cards on level 5 for a 1/32 chance to win a Luck-Up or a 3/256 chance to win  Phoenix Pinion.
- Tent on level 4.
- Pet House on level 3.
- Pet Nametag and Str Up on level 2.
- Combat King 001 on level 1.
- Pick up a Cottage and a Rename Card from two moobas on the top floor, after control switches back to Squall.
- Steal a missile from boss GIM52A.

Missile Base

- Full-Life Drawpoint in Missile Launch Bay.
- Win Weapons Mon June from BGH251F2.

Side Trip - Balamb, Cards

- Play enough cards to make Balamb the main trading area.  Make 'Diff' the trade rule.
- Lose Angelo to the Card Queen, send her to Dollet.

Balamb Garden

- Mega-Potion from the SeeD by the gate.
- Remedy from SeeD in library.  If you have Zell with you, this is a Mega-Phoenix.
- Remedy from SeeD in Training Area.
- Tent from SeeD in Parking Lot.
- Gysahl Greens from SeeD in Canteen.
- X-Potion from SeeD in the Quad.
- Elixir from Dr Kadowaki.
- Full-Life Drawpoint under Garden.
- Mug Oil-Boyle for 4 Fuel each.
- Challenge the CC Club's Jack.
- Mug 4 Mag-Ups from Left Orb.  Mug 4 Spr Ups from Right Orb.  Mug Circlet from Norg.
- Draw Leviathan from Norg.
- Challenge the CC's Club's Club in the hallways of Balamb Garden.
- Win Leviathan card from Joker in the Training Centre.  He will improve your Battle Meter.
- Defeat Diamond by the Directory.  They have a full set of level 8 cards.  Mod Iron Giants into 5 Star Fragments.
- Defeat Spade near the 2F lift.  He also has a full set of level 8 cards.

Fisherman's Horizon

- Head down to the Master Fisherman and say "What are you talking about?" to obtain Occult Fan III.
- Read the issue of Timber Maniacs in the Grease Monkey's house.
- Read the issue of Timber Maniacs in the hotel.
- Win the Quetzalcotl card from Mayor Dobe.  
- Steal Adamantine from BHG251F2.  If you've been doing enough card-playing, you should now be able to get Selphie's Strange Vision.
- Take Irvine down to the Grease Monkey's House for a Mega-Phoenix.
- Return to the Master Fisherman.  Meet him at the inn as requested and listen to his story for a Megalixer.
- Full-life Drawpoint where the fisherman was standing.
- Speak to the kid on the dock until he talks about the Master Fisherman. 
- As Irvine, had back to the Grease Monkey's place for a Phoenix Down.
- Examine the Sergeant for 5 AP, 5 Fast and 5 Pulse Ammo.  

Side Trips - CC Club, Chocobo Forest, Odin, Tonberry, Blue Magic...

- Challenge Xu/Hearts on the bridge.  She has the Carbuncle card.  Speak to Nida afterwards.
- Challenge Dr Kadowaki.
- Rest in your Dorm Room to face King.  King has the Gilgamesh card.
- On the way past, search Balamb Beach for a stone with letters carved on it.
- Head to The Basic's Forest on the western tip of Trabia, Sorbald Snowfield.  After catching the Chocobo blow the whistle on the western side of the screen for a Flare Stone.
- Head to The Roaming Forest, north of Trabia Garden.  The hidden items here are a Shell Stone and a Holy Stone.
- Head to the  Beginner's Forest next to Shumi Village.  The hidden item is an Aura stone.

Shumi Village

- Ultima Drawpoint near the entrance. 
- Pick up the issue of Timber Manics on Artisan's Bed in Shumi Village.   Reading this now means Ward will not show up in a later flashback.
- Collect all the stones in Shumi Village for a Phoenix Pinion. 
-  Leave and return.  Talk to Elder, Assistant and Artisan until you are asked to find a way to convince Artisan to help.


- Fight on the beach until you mug a Whisper from an Adamantoise.  Quistis can learn White Wind from this.
- In the pub, ask the Card Queen about her artist father.  Lose the Minimog card to her and make sure she's heading to Deling City
- Win your Minimog card back from the Queen's son.

Deling City

- Win the Kiros card from the man in black in the shopping arcade.
- Ask General Caraway about cards, then lose your Ifrit card to him.  Win his Rinoa card.
- Win your Angelo card back from the Queen of Cards and send her to FH or Dollet.


- Watch an alien abduct a cow across the Winhill bluffs.
- Complete the Vase quest for a Holy Stone.
- Pop the Chocobo into the air for a Phoenix Down and some Gysahl Greens.
- Head to the Island just north of the railway bridge near Timber.  It's classed as part of Mandy Beach and there's another rock with letters on it here.

Card Queen

- Win your Ifrit Card back from Martine in FH.
- Lose Angelo to the Card Queen and send her back to Dollet.
- Ask about the queen's artist father and give her the Sacred Card.  Move her to FH or Dollet.
- Win your Angelo card back from the queen and send her back to Dollet.
- Win the Irvine card from Flo.
- Ultima Drawpoint in the mayor's room.

Centra Ruins

- Draw 300 Triples from Odin and mug for a Luck-J scroll.  Defeat Odin to gain Card and GF.
- Obtain King Tonberry.

Back to Chocobos

- Head to the Chocobo Forest north of the Centra Ruins.  The items are a protect stone and a Meteor Stone.
- Head to the Chocobo Forest east of Edea's house.  The prize here is a Fire Stone, Meteor Stone and Ultima Stone.
- Ride the Chocobo to the eastern edge of this island to find the Enclosed Forest.  The prize here is a Meteor Stone, a Holy Stone and an Ultima Stone.
- Head to Kashkabald desert to watch an alien abduct a pyramid.
- You can gain AP from Cactuars on the eastern-most edge of Kashkabald Desert (labelled as Cactuar Island in menu).
- Go back to the forest north of Trabia and ride the Chocobo to the forest on the north-easternmost tip of Esthar.  Speak to the Chicobo to obtain a Chicibo card.
- In Dollet, ask the Queen about her artist father and give her your Chicibo card.  Try to send her to Balamb.
- Win your Chicibo card back from the Queen's son.
- Level-Up Adamantoises on the beach nearby until you have 2 more Adamantines.
- Mug six Steel Pipes from Wendigos in the forest near Timber.
- Pick up a Pet Nametag from the guy outside the Timber Maniacs Building. 
- Win the Chubby Chocobo card from the Seed on the 1st floor near the Training Centre.

Balamb Invasion

- Mug two Strength-Ups from Raijin.
- Draw Pandemona from Fuijin.
- Mug Raijin for two Strengh-Ups and Fuijin for a Hero/Megalixer.
- Win Combat King 002 from Raijin.
- Head back into Balamb and win the Pandemona card from the Hotel Owner.
- Send the Card Queen back to Dollet.


- Use Level Up to  win Adamantines from Level 100 Tonberries.
- Use Level Up to win Dragon Skins from Anacondaurs.
- Use Level Up to win a Force Amulet from an Ochu.
- Purchase Zell's Ehrgeiz and Rinoa's Shooting Star.  If you have Ammo-RF or some luck with Chocobo World you can also get LionHeart.


- Pick up Weapons Mon August, south of the statue. 
- Pick up Timber Maniacs at the graveyard.
- Aura Drawpoint near the rocket.
- Win the Selphie card from her friend. 

Balamb Garden

- Pick up a Cottage on 2f.

Galbadia Garden
- Aura Drawpoint under the two trees after rescuing Rinoa.
- Life drawpoint in locker-room.
- Mug Cerberus for Speed-J scroll.
- Defeat Cerberus for GF and Card. 
- Mug Seifer for 8 Mega-Phoenixes.
- Draw Hastes from Seifer. 
- Draw Alexander from Edea. 

Edea's House

- Spread the Open Rule in Cetra.  Return to Balamb Garden to pick up new rules, and pick up Weapons Mon July from the Training Centre while you're there.  Choose 'no' when playing Edea/Cid 4 times, then choose to play and cancel without playing to abolish Random.
- Win Edea's card Use Level-Up on Ruby Dragon until 45+.  Draw Reflects, Meteors and Flare.
- Pick up the issue of Timber Maniacs.

Esthar Mountains

- Level up Ruby Dragon to 45+ so you can steal Flares and Meteors.

White Seed Ship

- Pick up the issue of Timber Maniacs.
- Give Girl Next Door to Zone in exchange for Shiva Card.
- Holy Drawpoint in the Cabin.


- With Zell in your party, speak to the Library Girl with a Pigtail in Garden, then speak to the girl with the red skirt in Balamb.  Head to Zell's house then stay at the hotel.  You should receive Combat King 003 in the morning.
- Win your Angelo Card back from the Card Queen.

Salt Lake Flats

- Have Edea level your GFs if necessary.
- As Laguna, pick up Weapons Mon First in Odine's Lab.  


- Win Ward card from Professor Odine. 
- Buy Pet Pals 5  and; 6 at the Pet Shop.   You can also  buy Combat King 4 and 5 from the Book Store, though you'll be getting those last two for free soon.  Click on Cheryl's store until you get a Rosetta Stone.
- Speak to Presidential Aide outside of the Airstation then speak to him again outside Odine's room at the palace to receive Occult Fan IV.
- Pick up the Solomon's Ring from Tear's Point.  You can win Malboro Tentacles from the Malboro's around here.  Use Alexander's Med Level Up ability to create 6 Remedy Pluses and use the Ring to summon Doomtrain.
- Pick up Combat King 4 from the soldier on the high walkway.

Lunatic Pandora
- Meteor Drawpoint in entrance to Lunatic Pandora.
- Go down the ladder after elevator 3 to find a LuvLuvG in the nearway doorway and a Phoenix Pinion and a Power Generator under the panels you opened as Laguna.
- Combat King 005 and Ultima Drawpoint in the next corridor.
- Holy Drawpoint in corridor after lift 1.
- Speed-J scroll where you pushed the boulder as Laguna.  Use Move-Find to save,


- Challenge Piet to a game of cards and quit when you see the rules - this should abolish Random.
- Win the Alexander card from Piet.
- Win Laguna card from Ellone.

Ragnarok and Side Trips

- Full-Life drawpoint in downstairs corridor.
- Draw Ultima, Aura, Flare, Meteor, Full Life and Quake at the Islands Closest to Heaven and Hell.
- Run around on the island near Heath Peninsula until you see an Alien abducting a glyph.
- Defeat the alien Spaceship on Grandidi plateau, north of the Chocobo forest.
- Go to the remains of Balamb Garden to fight Pupu.  Give him five elixirs to receive his card.
- Head to Dollet. Ask the Queen about her artist father and hand over your Alexander card. Win it back from her son.
- Win the Doomtrain card from the Timber Pub Owner.
- Give the Card Queen your Doomtrain card to get her back to Dollet.  Ask about her artist father, then win your Angelo card back.
- Win the Doomtrain Card back from her son.
- Head to Monterosa Plateau, above the previous site of Galbadia Garden.  Search until you find a bird guarding a nest and choose to check it out.  Level up the Thrustaevis until you can draw Tornados.
- Head back to Obel Lake and show the rocks to the creature.  Also, get it to tell you to take some Time off at Eldbeak Peninsula.
- Head to Mordred Plains, north of Esthar.  Remember that the red rock is a liar and search for a Three Stars.
- Read the pillar the tip of Eldbeak Peninsula.  Head to Minde Island and search until you find a Luck-J scroll.
- Head to Cactuar Island and draw Meltdowns and Tornados from Jumbo Cactuar.  Defeat him to gain him as a GF.
- Head to the Deep Sea Research Centre. Draw Full-Life and Flare from Bahamut.  Defeat him to obtain Card and GF.
- Return to Deep Sea Research Centre.  Draw Ultimas and Eden from Ultima Weapon.  Defeat Ultima Weapon to obtain Eden card.
- Buy Hypno-Crowns from the Esthar Pet Shop.  Use Tool-RF to convert to Aura Stones, then use Supt Mag RF to refine to Aura spells.
- Level on the Islands Closest to Heaven and Hell if necessary.


- Win the Phoenix card from the Presidential Aide in Odine's office.
- Win the Squall card from Laguna. 

Lunatica Pandora

- Mug 2 Megalixers from Fuijin. 
- Mug 8 Megalixers from Rinoa.
- Mug a Samantha Soul from Adel.

Time Compression

- Go through the second arch and head to the Chocobo forest on the North-Eastern tip of the Centra continent.  Head to the Ragnarok, which is indicated by a red dot on the map.
- Play Triple Triad with the CC Club on the Ragnarok if necessary.
- Defeat Omega Weapon.
- Play every key on the piano at the same time to unlock the Waterway.  Obtain the key to pull the waterway level, and go down to find a Rosetta Stone. 

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