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I'm playing Cinderella Phenomenon, a romance game with five potential love interests. I like to give my main character a different name depending on which one I'm pursuing, so I don't feel like she's betraying the pure romance she had with whoever I went after yesterday. Yesterday, I decide to pursue Waltz, so I looked up some musical names. I clicked on one website which began blaring "WHAT TO NAME YOUR NEW BABY IS A VERY IMPORTANT DECI-". And it woke my boyfriend up. And I had much explaining to do.

 I went with Piper and got two achievements btw. That plotline is very sad, there were tears.

FFX - Items and Achievements Guide - Incomplete

Al Bhed Primers
Ultimate Equipment
Blue Magic and Overdrives



- Speak to a woman on the way to the Blitz stadium 3 times to obtain two potions.

Submerged Ruins

- 200 gil over to the right
- 2 potions over to the left
- After the save sphere take a left to reach the hi-potion.
- x-potion in the room with the second save sphere.
- Ether and a hi-potion in the hallway with the withered bouquet.
Boss: Klikk
Rikku will join you after you've taken 750HP off the thing.  This is the first battle you can actually lose.  Make free with the potions and steal some more grenades.

- Al Bhed Primer I on deck.
Achievement Unlocked - Speaking in Tongues
- You can gain 3 potions by talking to the Al Bhed holding the gun.  If you dive into the water and come back up, he'll give you another 3, up to a maximum of 99.

Boss: Tros

Not a great deal of strategy needed; throw grenades, use a pincer attack when you can.


- Moon Crest in an alcove to the right of Besaid Beach.
- 2 antidotes at the left of the beach
- speak to Aurochs for 200 gil, 2 hi-potions, and a total of 5 potions
- Phoenix Down, hi-potion, and 2 antidotes underwater
- Save at least one ability sphere until Wakka (standard) or Yuna (expert) have learned ability break.

- Phoenix down outside item shop; 400 gil, hi-potion, 2 potions behind shop.
- Al Bhed Primer II in Crusader's Lodge

Besaid Trials

- Use Glyph Sphere to reveal Destruction Sphere; ignore for now and place Besaid Sphere in the pedestal.
- Place Destruction Sphere in place of Besaid Sphere to unlock Rod of Wisdom.
Achievement Unlocked - The Right Thing
- Return to the shop; speak to the lady and then look for the dog in the north-east hut.  Valefor will learn Energy Blast.
- Sell all of your potions.

Boss: Kimahri

Once everyone has boarded the ship speak to the people on the dock to obtain a Seeker's Ring, an Ether, 400 gil, 3 Phoenix Down, and a Remedy.

SS Liki

- Give O'aka 1001 gil.
- Al Bhed Primer III in the Power Room.
- Remedy in cabin.  Kick the suitcase in here until your inventory holds 20 potions.

Boss: Sin and Sinspawn Echuilles

The Sinspawn will respawn ad infinitem.  Use Dark Attack and Cheer to defeat Sinspawn Echuilles.


- 3 potions in the house near where you save the kid.
- Al Bhed Primer IV and an Ether in the tavern.

Kilika Woods

- Seed Cannon: automatic.
- 2 Mana Sphere, Scout, and a Luck Sphere available in chests.
- Talk to crusaders for a remedy and a Hi-Potion.
- Speak to Luzzu before fighting Lord Ochu to obtain 4 antidotes.
- Approach Lord Ochu from the west and flee to obtain 3 phoenix downs.

Boss: Lord Ochu

Weak against fire.  Will fall asleep and heal itself when its HP gets low.

- Speak to Luzzu after the battle to obtain an Elixir.
- Speak to the Crusader to the west to obtain a Nulblaze shield.

Boss: Sinspawn Genaux

Take out the tentacles first.

 Kilika Trials

- During the trials you will find three Kilika spheres.  Insert the Glyph sphere into the hole you take the second Kilika sphere from to find the Destruction sphere.  Insert the destruction sphere into the hole you took the third Kilika sphere from to obtain the Red Armlet.

SS Winno

- Hi-Potion behind the Aurochs.
- Give O'aka 2000 gil.
- Al Bhed Primer V on the bridge.
- After eavesdropping on Wakka and Lulu approach the Blitzball on deck to earn the Jecht Shot.
Achievement Unlocked - Striker.


 - Al Bhed Primer VI and 2 Hi-potions in Basement B.
- Lend 3000 gil to O'aka.
- 600 gil and Tidal Sphere on Dock 1.
- Phoenix Down x 2 on Dock 2.
- HP Sphere and Magic Sphere on Dock 5.
 - Al Bhed Primer VII in the theatre.
- 1000 gil on the steps to the Mi'hen High Road.
Boss: Oblitzerator

Use the crane!

- Beat the Luca Goers and win a Strength Sphere.
Achievement Unlocked - Teamwork


- Hire Jumal (Luca square), Zev Ronso (Dock 3), and Wakka (guarding the stadium).  They make a good goalie, midfielder, and forward, respectively. 
- Open and close the menu until the Attack Reels show up as the prize for a tournament.  Go ahead and win them.
Achievement Unlocked - Show Off!

You can either play the current league or reset (from the Blitzball menu) to generate another. I always choose to play.  Either way, save before the next one to ensure Status Reels are offered, which will only be after you've fought a total of 250 battles.

Mi'Hen Highroad

- Kimahri can learn Self-Destruct, and Fire Breath from Bombs and Dual Horns respectively.
- Speak to people on the first part of the Highroad to obtain a Hi-potion, a Hunter's Spear, and 2 antidotes.
- Chest containing an Ice Brand behind Maechan.
Boss: Belgemine's Ifrit

Speak to Belgemine in the first part of the Highroad to begin.

- In the second section, passers-by will give you a Red Ring and 3 Softs (don't kick the ball first!).  There's a remedy in a chest.
- In the third section, passers-by will give you a Lv 1 Key Sphere, 4 Antidotes, 600 Gil, an Ether, and a Hi-potion.  There are 3 eye-drops and 400 gil in chests.
- On the way out of the travel agency you'll receive Al Bhed Primer VIII, 2 Megapotions, and a Lv 1 Key Sphere. Hire Ropp, behind the counter, as your new Blitzball defender.
Boss: Chocobo Eater

Use Fira, Auron's Piercing attacks, cheer, and focus.

 - Ride a chocobo the rest of the way.  Examine a yellow feather on the newroad to obtain a Heat Lance.  You can do the same thing twice on the oldroad to obtain 2 softs, a thunderblade, and a fortune sphere.  You can also find Al Bhed Primer IX on the newroad and the Mars Crest at the very end of the oldroad.  Finally, there's a chest containing 2 Hi-potions at the north end of the Mi'Hen Highroad.
- You can donate gil to the man standing under the left of the arch at the end of the Old Road to obtain a Scout with sensor (100 gil), and Ice Lance with Piercing (1000 gil) or a Moon Ring with SOS Protect and SOS Shell.  You can donate as many times as you like, for multiple items.

Mushroom Rock Road

 - Speak to people near where you start to obtain an ether, two phoenix downs, a remedy, a tough bangle, and a hi-potion.
- You can now purchase items and weapons from O'aka, with prices dependent on the total amount of money you gave him.  If you donated the same amounts I did, prices will be at 70%.
- You can pick up a hi-potion on the next screen.
- After going up on the lift you can pick up 1000 gil in the chest and 10 potions from the guy standing next to it.  Further on you can collect a remedy and a hi-potion from chests.
- After the next lift, passers-by will give you an x-potion and 400 gil.  You can pick up a serum armlet by going down on a nearby lift, and Al Bhed Primer X by following the little path to the side.
- You can get a mega-potion from the guard near the Savepoint.
- After seeing Maester Kinoc you can obtain a Serene Bracer and a Mega-potion from the chests near Yuna and Lulu.

Boss: Sinspawn Gui

The arms will block attacks to the Torso, so take those out first.  One second level spell should do it.

You can find a hi-potion on the beach after the battle.

Djose High Road

- You can pick up a Variable Steel, a Stone Ring, a Mega-Potion, a Hi-Potion, and an ether from people walking the High Road.
- You can find Al Bhed Primer XI behind a pillar.
- Finally, you can find 2 Phoenix Downs and a Bright Bangle in chests.
- Kimahri can learn Stonebreath from Basilisks.


- You can find 4 Ability Spheres and 4000 gil in chests outside the temple.
- Inside the temple, you can find an Ether, a Mega-Phoenix, and a Remedy.

Djose Cloister of Trials

- Take the two Djose spheres in the first room and insert them into the door.
- In the next room, take the two Djose spheres in front of you and put them in the recesses on the right.  Push the pedestal to the right.
- Take the charged sphere from the pedestal and insert it to the right of the door.  Take the two spheres out of the right corridor and place them into the pedestal.  Use the switch to the left to transport it back to the middle of the room and push it through the door straight ahead.
- Jump over the electric field and push the other pedestal straight into the wall.
- Bring the first pedestal back by stepping on the switch again, and put the two spheres in the empty recesses in the first room.  Put the sphere from the door into the gap on the left and take the elevator up.
- Push the five pedestals into the walls and go back down.  Examine the glyph that's appeared near the pedestal switch.  Pick up the Destruction sphere.
- Go back up on the lift and insert the Destruction sphere into the pedestal to unlock a chest containing a Magic Sphere.


- you can now pick up a Switch Hitter in the inn.
- on the way down the Djose High Road, speak to passers-by for a Halberd, 2 Hi-Potions, and 10 Potions.
- Head back down to the beach; you can now cross the barrier to pick up a chest containing 4 Softs.

- In chests along the Moonflow you can find 3 Level 1 Key Spheres, an X-Potion, another 3 Level 1 Key Spheres, a Magic-Defence Sphere, and 2 Phoenix Downs, next to O'aka.
- You can also challenge Belgemine to earn a Summoner's Soul.

Belgemine's Ixion

Speak to her on the Moonflow to begin.  I took it out with one of Ifrit's limit breaks. 
- You can pick up 5000 gil from the chest near the save point on the South Bank.


Weak against Lightening.

- You can find Al Bhed Primer XII and an ether on the North Bank.
Achievement Unlocked - All Together
- You can find 4 Antidotes and a Mega-Potion on the road to Guadosalam.


- You can pick up an Elixir and a Mega-Potion in the corners of Guadasalam.   In Pah Guado's home on the left you can pick up Al Bhed Primer XIII and 3000 gil.
- In Seymour's house, you can pick up 2 Hi-potions at the top of the stairs.
- You can pick up eight lightening marbles on the way to the Farplane.

Thunder Plains

- You can find 2 Phoenix Downs, 2 Hi-Potions, 5000 gil, and a Water Bill in chests in the southern half of the Thunder Plains.
- Tell Rin your studies are going well for Al Bhed Primer XIV.  You can also pick up a Yellow Shield outside the travel agency.
- In the Thunder Plains North you can pick up  a X-potion, an ether, a remedy, and 2000 gil.
- examine up to three thunderstones in either half of the thunder plains to make Cacuars appear in fights.

Macalania Woods

- Kimahri can learn Aqua Breath from Chimeras.
- In the first area you can pick up a Sleepy Cait Sith and 2000 gil.
- In central, you can pick up 3 phoenix downs.   You can also hunt butterflies for an MP Sphere.
- In the nothern area, you can pick up a remedy and hunt butterflies for an ether.
- Finally, you can pick up Al Bhed Primer XV near O'aka.  If you tell him his prices are too high he'll drop them.

Boss: Spherimorph

It will counteract physical attacks with spells and undergo an elemental shift when hit with magic.  Hit it to figure out what element it is currently, and counter with the opposite.  Use aeons for lots of elemental damage.

Achievement Unlocked: Power Strike

- you'll receive your first Jecht Sphere automatically.
- You can go replay the butterfly game now, for 2 Elixirs in the north and 2 Megalixir in central.
- There's a second Jecht Sphere back at the entrance, near the path to Bevelle.

Lake Macalania

- Pick up Al Bhed Primer XVI from outside the travel agency .  Tell Clasko he should be a Chocobo breeder.

Boss: Crawler and Negator

You can take out Negator with long-range attacks, if you want to use magic or summons.  Crawler is weak against lightening.

- Open the chest for a Megapotion.
- Speak to the Al Bhed on the stairs for 400 gil.

Macalania Temple

- You can find  2 X-Potions and 5000 gil in the hall.  Tromell will give you a Shell Targe.
- There are 3 Phoenix Downs, an Ether and an Elixir in the Monk's Chamber.
- There are 2 Remedies and 2 Hi-Potions in the Nun's Chamber.

Boss: Seymour and Guado Guardians

Steal Hi-Potions from the guardians to prevent them healing damage.  The battle will move on when Seymour is at less than 3000 HP.

Boss: Anima

You probably don't need an Aeon here, unless she manages to gain an overdrive.

Boss: Seymour

This is where I used my aeons.  He has 6000 HP, and will cast two nasty spells per turn, on two characters.

 Macalania Trials

- At the bottom of the ramp, push the pedastal into the ice to the right.  Go further right and take the Macalania sphere from the wall.
- Insert the sphere into the pedestal and push it forwards, into the other ice formation.  Grab the gylph sphere from the column and follow the pedestal down the ramp.
- Push the pedestal right and insert the glyph sphere into the recess in the far left.
- See the pillar next to you?  Go get the Macalania sphere that just rose, and put it in there.
- Take the Macalania sphere from the top of the ramp and put it into the central column, where you got the glyph sphere from.  Immediately take it out and insert it into the far right wall.
- Go all the way back up to the bridge and step on the switch there to bring the pedestal to you.  Take the Macalania sphere out of the pedestal and then give it a shove down the slope.
- Put the Macalania sphere into the opening near the lower ramp, allowing you access to the bottom level.  Step on the switch on this level to bring the pedestal back; take the destruction sphere, and shove it back down to the lower level.
- Follow the pedestal down and put the destruction sphere into the empty opening, to the left.  Open the chest for a Luck Sphere.
- Go back up and take the Macalania Sphere from the wall on the right.  Put it into the pedestal downstairs, and shove it to the right to recreate that section of bridge.
- Come back up, and put the pedestal near the ramp into the central pillar to finish the bridge.  Don't step on any switches on your way out!
- On your way back to Macalania Woods, grab the Level 1 Key Sphere in the chest.

Lake Macalania

Boss: Wendigo and Guado Guardians 

Steal from the Guardo Guardians to prevent them from auto-healing.  The Wendigo is weak against Power Break and Dark Attack.

After Yuna wakes up, check the chests near Kimahri and Auron for a Level 2 Key Sphere, and an Avenger.

Sanubia Desert

- Use Bio and Demi on the larger enemies to whittle their HP down faster
- You'll find a chest containing 4 Remedies in the water where you start.  You can find Al Bhed Primer I nearby if you missed it earlier.
- Near Wakka you can find 8 Al Bhed potions and the Al Bhed Primer III if you missed it earlier.
Al Bhed Primer V is near Kimahri.
- you'll find another 8 Al Bhed Potions and two ethers near Rikku.  You can also find 4 Hi-Potions to the north.
- In the next area, you'll find a chest containing 2 X-Potions near the large rock northwest from the entrance.  There are 2 Mega Potions west of here, in the corner.
- North-east of the entrance, you'll find 4 Hi-Potions, and there are another 8 Al Bhed potions near the save point.
- From the save point, you'll find a Level 2 Key Sphere, 10,000 gil and Al Bhed Primer XVII to the west.
- You'll find Al Bhed Primer XVIII north of the save point.
- In the central part of the desert, you'll find a Mercury Quest, 8 Hi-Potions, 3 Mega-Potions, 3 Megalixers, 2 Teleport Spheres, and 2 X-Potions.


- Outside, you can pick up 2 Hi-Potions from Kayakku and Al Bhed Primer XIX in the corner.
- Inside, you can grab 4 Al Bhed Potions after the scene.  Downstairs, you can find 6 Al Bhed Potions in the middle corridor.
- The right corridor contains Al Bhed Primer XXI and a door to a room containing a Special Sphere and a Skill Sphere.
- Back upstairs, you can now go into the room to grab Al Bhed Primer XX, a Friend Sphere, and an optional item chest.  I normally go for the Elixir.
- Down the right corridor, after a few scenes, you can grab a Level 2 Key Sphere and a Level 4 Key Sphere.
- Finally, before boarding the airship you can grab 10,000 gil.


- You can pick up 4 Al Bhed potions from the guy near the Save Point.

Boss: Evrae

Tidus and Rikku can ask Cid to move the airship away to dodge some attacks.  Close-up attacks only work when Evrae is nearby.


- Kamahri can learn Thrust Kick from the YKT 63.
- You can find Al Bhed Primer XXII at the bottom of the stairs before the trials.

Bevelle Trials

 - Push the pedestal onto the ramp.  You'll then be on an automatic track.  Ignore the first arrow, then hit confirm when the second points left.  Grab the Bevelle Sphere from the wall, then push the pedestal back onto the track.
- Stay on the track until you come back to this turning, and hit confirm when the arrow puts to the other niche, to the right.  Put the Bevelle Sphere in the wall here.
- Ride the track to the other arrow - the one you ignored earlier - and use it to go down a level.  Turn left to move along the middle level, and take the second right (you can just hammer on confirm; the other option will just move you along the path you're already on).  Take the Glyph Sphere from the wall and add it to the Pedestal.
- Get back onto the pedestal and take the next right, at the end of this path.  Put the Bevelle Sphere in the wall, then take the Glyph Sphere and put it into the wall at the end of the new path.  Take the destruction sphere, put that and the Bevelle Sphere from the wall back into the pedestal, and then head back to the middle path on this level, where you got the Glyph Sphere from.  Put the Destruction Sphere into the wall.
- Back at the start of this level, head down.  Put the second Bevelle Sphere into the Pedestal and head up to the middle level.  Go down the first right path.  Push the pedestal across to carry on when you need to.
- Put a Bevelle Sphere into the wall and open the chest to obtain a HP sphere.  Step onto the Glyph where it was, then use the pedestal to go left to obtain a Knight Lance.

Bevelle - Via Purifico

- To the east, you'll meet Kimahri near a Mega-Potion, and you'll find an Elixir, a White Magic Sphere, and Lulu to the west.  Press the Glyph near the chest containing the Elixir, then head north from the save point where Yuna started for a Black Magic Sphere.  Step on the platform here.
- Head north to meet Auron and find another Save Point.  Go west and take the teleporter further west for a Lucid Ring, 10,000 gil, and a Skill Sphere.  I could only get this platform to work after I'd used the platform to the south to travel there, so try that if you have problems.  Build up your aeons overdrives while you're exploring.

Boss: Grothia, Pterya, Spathi

Aeons only.  I'd suggest, Shiva, then Bahamut, then Ixion.  Grothia has 8000hp, Pterya has 12,000 and Spathi has 20,000.

Boss: Evrae Altana

You can kill him by throwing 2 Phoenix Downs at him, if you like.

- After the fight you can find two chests containing a Rematch and an Avenger.  You'll lose these if you chose to open the locks.

Boss: Seymour Natus and Mortibody

Mortibody will absorb HP from Seymour when reduced to 0.  Seymour will dismiss all Aeons after one move, so only call them if you plan to use their overdrive.

Macalania Woods

Achievement Unlocked: Heartstrings
- Pick up a Lucid Ring before you leave.

Calm Lands

- Kimahri can learn Bad Breath from Maloboros, Aqua Breath from Chimera Brains and Stone Breath from Anacondaurs, if you missed those last two previously.
- Head down to the slope and to the Travel Agency in the centre.  There's a chest containing a Level 2 Key Sphere just behind it.  Belgemine is just southwest of here, in the circle.

Boss: Belgemine's Shiva

Two of Ifrit's overdrives will take her out (15,000HP).  Try using Grand Summon.

- You will obtain the Aeon's Soul, which will allow you to increase your aeons stats directly.  As they increase in line with Yuna's, I generally don't do much until she's pretty high-leveled.
- You can find Al Bhed Primer XXIII in the north-west corner of the Calm Lands, near the Chocobo Trainer.
Achievement Unlocked: Chocobo License
- Before you attempt to beat the race in under 0:00 seconds, choose to quit.  Ask to ride a chocobo.  You can ride it to the southeastern corner of the Calm Lands to open two chests containing a total of 15,000gil, then ride it up the southern ramp and examine the chocobo feather right at the top, to the east.  That'll get you to Remiem Temple.

Remiem Temple

 You'll find Al Bhed Primer XXIV to the left.  You'll be able to take part in the Chocobo race by talking to the chocobo on the right.  Completing the race and having touched the following numbers of chests (and no poles!) will give you these prizes;

0 - Cloudy Mirror
1 - Elixir
2 - Mega-Elixir
3 - 30 x Wings to Discovery
4 - 30 x Pendulum
5 60 x Three Stars

Achievement Unlocked - Chocobo Master 

Now that you have the Cloudy Mirror, head back to Macalania Woods.

Macalania Woods

- Speak to the mother and son near the save point in the south, then head back to the campsite to find the husband.
- Speak to the reunited couple, then head up the crystal path to find the son.  Use the Cloudy Mirror to obtain the Celestial Mirror.
- You can find 4000 gil outside Rin's Travel Agency.

Calm Lands 

- Complete the Chocobo Race as fast as you can.  If you've beaten your best time or the trainer's time, the man who was guarding the path to the north west will have come to congratulation you.  Head over to the path he was guarding and use the Celestial Mirror to pick up Tidus' Caladbolg.
- If you finish the race in less than 0.00 seconds, you'll receive the Sun Sigil.  I came back to do this later, because fuck Chocobos.
- Head to the Arena on the right of the Calm Land.  Buy a couple of Catcher weapons, and come back when you've caught at least one Couerl, Ogre, Flame Flan, Shred, Nebiros, Malboro, Anacondaur, Chimera Brain, and Skoll.  You'll get Yuna's Nirvana 
- If you speak to him again, you'll get 60 Farplane Winds and the chance to fight Chimeragast.

I gave Tidus a First Strike weapon and instantly swapped him out for Yuna, who cast Nul-Tide and Nul-Blaze before Chimeragast got a turn.

Chimeragast always attacks in a pattern.  He started with Megiddo Flame, so I know Blizzara or Thundara are coming next, followed by Assault, followed by Aqua Breath.  Then he'll start again.  Keep your party protected with Nul spells, and use an Aeon if you get the chance.  He'll go down eventually, after 120,000 damage.  You can win a Return Sphere.

Mt Gagazet

Defender X
Use Armor Break. 

Afterwards, head down to the right instead of up Mt Gagazet.  Pick up the Rusty Sword, under the bridge.

Sunken Cave

Kimahri can learn Doom from Ghosts.  You can also pick up a Megalixer, a Level 2 Key Sphere, a Fortune Sphere, Al Bhed Primer XXV, and 2 Mega-Potions.

Weak against Doom, though only has 33,000 HP anyway.

Afterwards, head into the Chamber of the Fayth.  Offer him 125,001 gil, then 150,002, then 175,003.  Finally, triple his final offer - around 203,000 gil - for two Teleport Spheres.

Achievement Unlocked - It's All About the Money.

You can also use the Teleporter to reach a Flexible Arm, an MP Sphere, and 2 X-Potions.

If you've caught at least one Yowie, Imp, Dark Element, Nidhogg, Thorn, Valaha, Epaaj, Ghost, and Tonberry, then you'll have unlocked another monster at the monster arena, and you'll receive 40 Silver Hourglasses.

Don Tonberry

At first, he'll counter every attack with Karma, which will normally kill your character.  When he reaches you, he'll start using Chef's Knife every turn.  Keep Yuna hasted, and have her revive whoever gets hit.  Avoid letting him have two turns in a row, and situations where only one character has a turn inbetween his, in case he kills that guy first.  Haste is your friend.

480,000 HP.  Keep cherry-tapping, and he'll go down. 

You'll also have unlocked Earth Eater.  I suggest First Attack, swap for Yuna, Zanmato.  I'll come back and kill him properly later.  Time to get on with the plot!

Mt Gagazet

Boss: Biran and Yenke

Remember to change Kimahri's overdrive!

Use Haste or a Chocobo Feather early on.  You can learn Thrust Kick, Doom, and Self-Destruct from Biran, and Aqua Breath, Fire Breath, and Stone Breath from Yenke.  After they each use them - at 50% of HP - you can also learn White Wind and Mighty Guard.  Remember to steal Level 3 Key Spheres from them.

You can catch Imps here, if you struggled in the sunken cave.

You can find 20,000 gil, a Mega-Potion, Braska's Sphere, and a Defending Bracer in the first area.  You should unblock Banishing Blade after viewing the sphere.

You'll also meet Wantz, who sells, amongst other things, a Booster Cactuar with Magic Booster, Magic + 10% and Magic + 5%.  I mention this because I wish I'd waited until I got here to put One MP Cost onto Lulu's weapon.

In the next area, you'll find a Level 4 Key Sphere and a HP Sphere.

Boss: Seymour Flux and Mortiochis

I used Holy a lot.  Seven or so will take them out.

Afterwards, look for the Saturn Crest near the save point.

This next section is still part of Mt Gagazet!  It's here you'll find the stronger and the underwater monsters for the Arena.  You can find a Fortune Sphere, a Level 1 Key Sphere, a Pep Talk, a Recovery Ring, and a Return Sphere here.

Boss: Sanctuary Keeper

You should probably take your capture weapons off.  I didn't bother.

Zanarkand Ruins

You'll still find Mt Gagazet fiends here for a while.  The Zanarkand specific fiends are all machina, so they can't be capture.  The big one does drop Level 2 Key Spheres though!  On your way to the dome you'll be able to find a Fortune Sphere, a Friend Sphere, 10,000 gil, a Luck Sphere, a Level 3 Key Sphere and a Spiritual Targe.

The trials are simple, and there is no secret item.  You just need to light up the sections of floor specified by the screen.  After the first room, start pushing the pedestals into the wall to light up the screen in the second room.  Once you've done that, used the Kilika and Besaid spheres which will have appeared by the second screen, and place them into the two pedestals that are left before pushing them into the walls.

Boss:  Spectral Keeper

Spread your characters out and avoid his glyph bomb thingies.

Boss: Yunalesca

Keep at least one front-line character zombified for the third round; it's the only way to stop a total party kill from her first attack.

Achievement Unlocked - Overcoming the Past 

Afterwards, run down the stairs in the back and you'll be transported to the front of the room again. Now there'll be a chest containing the Sun Crest at the top of the back stairs.

Airship & Subquests

After a scene at the Highbridge, you can start on the subquests!

First, choose 'input' and enter GODHAND, VICTORIOUS, and MASAMUNE to unlock new areas with Rikku's Godhand, a Victorious Weapon and the Masamune sword in chests.

Head to Besaid.  Pick up at least one of the three enemies here, then board the SS Liki.  Don't try to enter Besaid just yet - you can't defeat Dark Valefor.

Head forward on the SS Liki to obtain a Friend Sphere.  You'll find a Jecht Sphere in the cabin.

In Kilika, head back into the trials to obtain a Luck Sphere, a Defence Sphere, an Agility Sphere and an Accuracy Sphere from the chamber of the fayth.  You will need to redo the trials!

Board the SS Winno to Luca.  Tell the guy on the upper deck there are 11 gulls to obtain an Ace Wizard.  In Luca you'll find another Jecht Sphere and the Jupiter Crest in the righthand locker rooms.  O'aka is in the theatre, though he's not selling anything.  There are a total of 50 movie spheres and 71 music spheres, though you can't get all of them yet.

Speak to the owner of the cafe in the square - assuming you've been playing some Blitzball - to obtain the World Champion.  Now there's only Blitzball left to do to get the sigil and fully unlock Wakka's weapon!

Head to the Calm Lands and speak to the Arena owner.  If you did get the monsters in Besaid you'll receive 99 Stamina Tonics and be invited to battle Stratoavis.

Boss: Stratoavis

It generally only hits one person, except with Paen of Heavens, which is preceeded by charging, and can be survived with high enough HP/Defence (about 6000hp on Auron was enough).  Use full-life to revive so your HP is kept up.  Hastaga is also useful.

You've probably also unlocked the Malboro Menace of Kilika,  the Catoblepas of Mt Gagazet, and the original Shinryu, for which you'll receive 99 Poison Fangs, the Blossom Crown, and 30 Megalixers respectively.  I didn't face any of them at this point.

Go back to the Airship and start using the search function.  Search for X 12-16 Y 41-45 for the Ascalon Sword, X 29-32 Y 73-76 for a Dragoon Lance, X 33-36 Y 55-60 for a Sonar, and X 39-43 Y 56-60 for a Phantom Bangle.  Then search X 11-16 Y 57-63 for Baaj Temple and X 69-75 Y 33-38 for Omega Ruins.  Ignore both for now and go back to Zanarkand.

In the trials, you'll need to activate all seven white squares to obtain the Destruction Sphere.  Put it into the recess to the right of the second screen to obtain the Magisterial Rod.

Now head to Baaj Temple.

Boss: Geosgaeono

I mixed two Wings of Discovery to create a Trio of 9999.

Enter the chamber and approach each statue.  The treasure chests contain a megalixer and four megaphoenixes.  Inside you'll obtain Anima.

Achievement Unlocked - Feel the Pain

Head back to the Calm Lands and use a chocobo to reach Remiem Temple.  The Chocobo trainer is just south of the store now.

Defeat Belgemine's Yojimno and Anima.  Then use the Blossom Crown and Flower Sceptre to break the seal in the back and claim the Magus Sisters.

Achievement Unlocked - Delta Attack
Achievement Unlocked - Summon Master

Head straight back in afterwards for a Defence Sphere.  Then come out and defeat Belgemine's Magus Sisters.  Send her to obtain the Moon Sigil.  You can now head to Macalania Woods; present Yuna's weapon twice on the crystal path to fully unlock it.  I also finished the two butterfly games to gain a Teleport Sphere and the Saturn Sigil.  Be careful in the Central area; it's way too easy to accidentally run right off the screen after catching the last butterfly, which will prevent the chest appearing!

Now head to Guadosalam.  You can find the Venus Crest on the Farplane.  Head out to the Thunder Plains.  There's a Jecht Sphere in the south area.  Grab it, and make sure you've activated 3 Cactuar stones - note that they glow on and off, not in a continuous fashion!  If you have, you should find a Cactuar Ghost hanging out near the save point.  Follow it and pray at the tower it stops at to obtain the Spirit Lance.

Then you can work on dodging 200 fucking Lightening Strikes. This video will probably help.

You'll earn the following prizes.  Just keep opening the chest until you've got everything;

5 - 2 X-Potions
10 - 2 MegaPotions
20 - 2 MP Spheres
50 - 3 Strength Spheres
100 - 3 HP Spheres
150 - 4 Megalixers
200 - Venus Sigil

Achievement Unlocked - Lightening Dancer

Head back to Macalania to activate Lulu and Kimahri's weapons.  Go from the save point to the airship and back down rather than just running across the plains, to avoid Dark Ixion.

Now head to Bikanel Dessert.  Head to the northernmost area, and examine the cactuar stone to the south of the stormy bit to start the Valley of the Cactuars quest.  You'll need to find the Cactuar gatekeepers, sneak up on them, and battle them.  You have three attempts with each one; if you lose you get a Sphere del Perdedor instead.  These Cactuars can be captured!  After obtaining each sphere you'll need to take it back to the cactuar stone and insert it before hunting for the next one.

1 - near the save sphere at the Oasis.
2 - East.  Head south two screens from the Valley to find him.
3 - Northwest of the Cactuar stone; examine the 20% off sign.
4 - Central, the screen south of the valley.  In the Northwestern area with the tough fiends.
5 - Caught with 4.
6 - East.  Examine the save sphere.  You can save first!
7 - Central.  Examine the chest south-west of the save point, the one right up in the corner.  It'll be closed.  Use your first two turns to open the chests containing 2 Shadow Gems, a Shining Gem, and a Blessed Gem.
8 - Northeast of the Cactuar stone, hanging out in a whirlpool.  Might take a minute or two to appear.
9 - Near the Oasis save sphere.  Watch it teleport onto the airship, and you'll find it on the upper deck.
10 - Automatic.

You'll now be able to enter the valley, which has chests containing the Mercury Sigil and a Friend Sphere, assuming you caught at least 8 Gatekeepers.  Then go and activate Rikku's weapon in Macalania.  You can also find Wantz in Macalania Woods, if you go really far south like you're heading back to the Thunder Plains.  He has equipment - weapons and armour - with four clear slots, which you will want to start making perfect armour for your characters.

I went to get 10 of all the fiends from Besaid and Kilika at this point, then started on the Mi'ihen Highroad.  You can pick up another Jecht Sphere at the end of the Oldroad South.

At this point, I played enough Blitzball to unlock the Auroch Reels.

Achievement Unlocked - Blitzball Master

I then carried on playing enough to finish the league and generate a new one with the Jupiter Sigil.

I also began to fill in areas of the Monster Arena and to create ultimate armours.  I bribed ghosts for mega-phoenixes and bought armour with four empty slots from Wantz.

In Mushroom Rock road you can find an Auron Sphere on the precipice.  You can get to Mushroom Rock from Djose.  You can also use the Rusty Sword at the statue of Lord Mi'ihen; if you then examine the glyph you'll turn the sword into Auron's Masamune. 

Achievement Unlocked - Weapon Master

Having finished Mushroom Rock meant I'd also unlocked the Mars Sigil at the Monster Arena, so I could go and finish that as well.

In Djose Temple you can pick up a Luck Sphere, an Agility Sphere and a Magic Defence Sphere.  You can also pick up another Jecht Sphere on the south wharf of the Moonflow.

I spent some time using Zanmato against Thuban to get a couple of weapons with Triple Overdrive and Triple AP.  I can easily add Overdrive-AP to them.  Plus, you can have Rikku steal Teleport Spheres from him.

Achievement Unlocked - A Talent for Acquisition

I also began my initial forays into the Omega Dungeon.  At this point, I'm just hunting monsters - I haven't gone for the treasures.

I finished my levelling weapons by bribing Sandworms, and had Kimahri, Yuna, and Auron create a specific levelling path in one corner of the sphere grid.  I'll have another character go down it later and remove all of the subpar stats.  It'll take a few more sphere levels, but I can get 99 in a matter of minutes right now.  When I reach a more natural end point, I'll head back to the Omega Dungeon and start exploring in earnest.

Achievement Unlocked - Mega Attack
Achievement Unlocked - Under the Table

Omega Dungeon

On the first floor you can pick up Al Bhed Primer XXVI and a Teleport Sphere.  For the latter you'll need to go past it and activate a glyph in the northeast in order to raise the bridge.

Achievement Unlocked - Master Linguist

There are also four groups of treasure chests scattered about.  Some will randomly contain fiends, and when you open one of those, the chests around them will vanish.  For each one you open, you will receive a prize from the following list.  The list will reset to 1 when you visit a save point.

  1. Level 4 Key Sphere
  2. Defending Bracer
  3. Turnover
  4. Level 3 Key Sphere x 2
  5. Defending Armlet
  6. Friend Sphere x 2
  7. Level 4 Key Sphere
  8. Phantom Ring
  9. Cactuar Wizard
  10. Warmonger
  11. Teleport Sphere x 2
  12. Warp Sphere x 99

I really don't think it's worth going for 12.

Fiends from inside Sin appear in here, including Great Malboro which is a massive pain in the arse.  Try buying equipment with confuse ward from Luca.

I then left the dungeon to do a bit more levelling.


Left Fin, Right Fin, Sin (Core), Sinspawn Genais

Not even a challenge any more.



In the first area, you can find a Special Sphere, a Phantom Ring, a Wizard Lance, a Level 3 Key Sphere, and an Elixir.

Seymour Omnis

Barely touched him.

Achievement Unlocked - The Destination of Hatred

After Seymour, you can find a level 4 Key Sphere behind three walls.  Fight 35 battles and examine the glyphs to open them all.  You can get all of the last few arena monsters here.  I got five of each, which means I can now buy Clear Spheres from the arena and start properly manipulating my sphere grid.  I also received 99 Winning Formulas, so I was able to create levelling weapons for Rikku, Wakka, and Lulu.

You can now head back to Luca to pick up all the movie and music spheres.  Speak to the music guy again to buy the last three.

Achievement Unlocked - Theatre Enthusiast

Omega Dungeon

You can pick up some Friend Spheres and Magic Spheres on the second floor.  You'll also have to fight Ultima and Omega Weapon, neither of which should pose much of a challenge.  Remember to have Kimahri learn Nova from Omega.

Achievement Unlocked - Learning!

By this point I've added 40 Strength Spheres, 51 Defence Spheres, 18 MP Spheres, and 21 Agility Spheres to the Sphere Grid.  In order to easily obtain enough Accuracy Spheres, I'm going to need to unlock Wakka's best weapon.  Since I'll also need that to take down Shinryu, so I can finally get a decent weapon for Tidus to start grinding with, I finished playing blitzball and got the Jupiter Sigil.


Take down Dark Valefor.  There's a Jecht Sphere to the right of the Temple.

Achievement Unlocked - Messenger from the Past

Inside the temple, you can pick up an Evasion Sphere, 2 potions, an Elixir, a White Magic Sphere and a Hi-Potion.


Take down Dark Shiva.  I needed to use aeons to shield me from Diamond Dust.  Afterwards, run away from the Guados!

Head back to obtain a Magic Sphere, an Accuracy Sphere and a Magic Defence sphere.  To get out;

- At the bottom of the ramp, push the pedestal into the ice to the right.  Go further right and take the Macalania sphere from the wall.
- Insert the sphere into the pedestal and push it forwards, into the other ice formation.  Grab the gylph sphere from the column and follow the pedestal down the ramp.
- Push the pedestal right and insert the glyph sphere into the recess in the far left.
- See the pillar next to you?  Go get the Macalania sphere that just rose, and put it in there.
- Take the Macalania sphere from the top of the ramp and put it into the central column, where you got the glyph sphere from.

After that I went and got the Sun Sigil, for the first time ever.  This guide made the biggest difference.

Now the only achievements left involve beating the optional enemies Nemesis and Penance, defeating the Sphere Grid for all characters, and finishing the game.

Note that, to 'complete' the sphere grid you need to fill every space with a node, activate all of them, and travel every path.

I got some armour with Break HP Limit and Ribbon for Rikku and Tidus from either Dark Ifrit (Desert, outside home) or Dark Ixion (Thunder Plains north), which was useful against Dark Anima (Gagazet, complete the ball-throwing trial again), Dark Bahamut (Zanarkand), and the Dark Magus Sisters (which I fought one at a time, in Mushroom Rock).  I added auto-phoenix to both, but did make the mistake of only putting auto-haste on Rikku, not Tidus.

After this, I completed the Sphere Grid with Yuna and Rikku, and got Tidus' luck over 130 before facing Dark Yojimbo, in the Sunken Cave.

Achievement Unlocked - Sphere Master

Nb.  You'll know you've completed the sphere grid with the first character when the achievement unlocks.  Try to win a few Master Sphere's off Yojimbo (rare drop), and use those to make sure every node is activated with your other characters.  Then you just need to look out for breaks in the sphere grid path, which can be tricky to spot.  Try not to leave any as you go round.

Sims 3 meets Shadow Hearts: The Quest to Revive Alice

During the summer, I've decided to spend some time playing the Sims 3 with a custom Shadow Hearts challenge!  I don't have any expansion packs; this challenge might be closer to the games with the supernatural pack or the ambitions pack (i.e., with Ambitions, Alice would be a Ghost-Hunter).  I'll be filling this in as I play!

General Overview

Alice dies in generation one.  From that point, the goal is to breed Yuri and revive her ghost.  Alice's grave must remain on the lot.  All other graves can be moved either to the cemetery or to a custom lot which resembles Yuri's graveyard from SH1, or used to create the basement crypt of Blue Castle.

All characters must explore the catacombs in the graveyard at least once in their lifetime.  Life goals aren't really important.

Generation 1: Alice and Morris Elliot

Morris Elliot is Alice's father.  Create him as an adult.  He is good (a priest), brave (studied demons), a bookworm (studied demons), friendly (a priest), and a genius (he and his friend figured out the Emigre and became a threat to Simon, so presumably he was quite good at studying).  He is a writer, focusing on non-fiction.  At some point, he will create the Emigre document.  After Alice dies, have him write a non-fiction or historical novel about her.  He will also create Alice's grave-site.   Lifetime goals are unimportant.  I let Morris die of old age after moving Koudelka in, although he actually died much younger in the games.

Alice Elliot is Morris' daughter.  Create her as a toddler and let her grow up.  She's also brave, good, and a bookworm.  Other traits can be whatever you think fitting.  Alice dies as a young adult, however you prefer.  Lifetime goals are unimportant.

Generation 2: Koudelka Iasant

I created this generation by creating Koudelka Iasant and Edward Branckett as a household, moving them in together, then immediately moving Koudelka out and into Morris' house as a roommate.  This allows Koudelka to inherit everything in Morris' inventory and means she already knows Edward and doesn't have to go to the trouble of meeting him.

Koudelka is athletic (did you see her running around Nematon?), brave (see first bracket), grumpy (see her snark-knight qualities), a loner (via fear of rejection) and commitment-phobic (see fear of rejection).  Her life goal is unimportant.

Edward is athletic and brave, for the same reasons, is a mooch (went to Nematon to steal), also has commitment issues (didn't stay), and loves the outdoors (just because).  His life goal is to live in the lap of luxury, though it doesn't matter because you won't actively play him.

When Morris dies, have Koudelka declare death her nemesis, if possible, and move his gravestone, leaving only Alice's on the lot.  Koudelka should read the emigre and the biography of Alice.

Ideally, Koudelka and Edward would woohoo exactly once to conceive Harry, but no need to be strict about that.  Edward must not move in, and he and Koudelka should avoid contact during Koudelka's pregnancy and Harry's childhood.  Likewise, Koudelka and Harry should not interact during Harry's childhood phase (though she will teach him as a toddler).  Koudelka and Edward can both interact with Harry again when he becomes a teenager.  Koudelka and Edward can die young or of old age.

Generation 3: Harry Branckett

Harry's last name will default to Iasant, so change it at the town hall.  Harry should marry someone he meets as a child.

Generation 4: Margaretha G. Zelle

Life goal: international super spy.  Marry a townie and rename or create an OC with the last name Valentine.  By this point, your family should be rich enough to build Blue Castle.

Generation 5: Keith Valentine

No career; make money from art.  Life goal: Master of the Arts

Generation 6: Joachim Valentine

Career: Athletic.  Life goal: Become a Superstar Athlete.  As Joachim is canonically gay, okay to adopt.

Generation 7: Hildegard Valentine

Hopeless Romantic.  Marry a townie or OC named Garland.

Life Goal: Heartbreaker or Fashion Phenomenon.

Generation 8: Johnny and Grace Garland

Grace meets meets Killer Hyuga (create him and move him in nearby).

Generation 9: Jinpachiro Ben Hyuga

Military career.

Meets and marries Karin (create and move in nearby) to produce Yuri.  Karin has no career; she, Jinpachiro, and Yuri garden and fish.

Generation 10: Yuri Volte Hyuga and Alice Elliot

Yuri revives Alice and they live happily ever after.  If the ghost of Alice won't appear, then wait for Karin or Jinpachiro to die and use the 'Oh My Ghost!' experience to revive Alice as a ghost instead of one of them.  Then have her ghost eat Ambrosia.

FFX - Celestial Weapons

In Final Fantasy X, you need to collect the weapon itself, and a crest, and a sigil.  You'll then need to treat them with the Celestial Mirror to actually make them useful.

Celestial Mirror

You'll win the Cloudy Mirror in the Chocobo Race at Remiem Temple, for finishing first, with no treasure chests opened.

Take it into Macalania Woods, and speak to the mother and child.  Find the father near where you camped, and then talk to the couple.  You'll find the son on the crystal path which goes above the woods.  When you examine the crystal he was looking at, the Cloudy Mirror will become the Celestial Mirror.  You'll need to come back here when you've collected everything.


Weapon - In the Calm Lands, beat the chocobo trainer's time to pull the guard away from the crevice in the north-west.  You can grab the sword if you're in possession of the mirror.  Don't try it before then, or you'll have the beat the stupid game twice.

Sigil - Beat the stupid Catcher Chocobo game with a total time under 0:00 seconds.

Sun Crest - In the Zanarkand Dome.


Weapon - capture one of every monster in the Calm Lands and you'll get it from the owner of the Arena.

Sigil - Defeat all of Belgemine's aeons and send her to the Farplane.

Crest - On Besaid Beach, in a little alcove to the right, away from the main beach.


Weapon - you'll find the rusty sword near the entrance to the sunken cave.  Take it to the statue of Lord Mi'ihen on Mushroom Rock Road.

Sigil - Generate ten creatures in the monster arena.

Crest - Oldroad South.


Weapon - from the owner of the cafe in Luca after either 100 Blitzball victories or placer higher than third in a league or tournament.

Sigil - Offered as a Blitzball prize after winning the Attack Reels, Status Reels, and Aurochs reels.  You'll need to have fought a total of 450 battles by this point.

Crest - In the locker room at Luca once you have the airship.


Weapon - activate three Qactuar stones in the Thunder Plains, then find the Qactuar ghost in the south.  Follow it until you get the chest containing the Spirit Lance.

Sigil - Beat the Butterfly hunt after obtaining the airship.

Crest - Mt Gagazet.


Weapon - Baaj Temple after defeating Geosgaeno.

Sigil - Dodge 200 lightening strikes.

Crest - on the Farplane, once you have the Airship.


Weapon - enter the password GODHAND on the airship to find it.

Sigil - complete the Valley of the Catuars minigame.

Crest - Sanubia Desert.

HuniePop - Girls Who Like...


  • Lola
  • Beli
  • Momo


  • Tiffany
  • Audrey
  • Kyu


  • Aiko
  • Jessie
  • Venus


  • Kyanna
  • Nikki
  • Celeste

I find it easiest to group the girls, so I can focus on raising passion + one stat at a time.

Long Live the Queen - Fault Lines and Keep Your Friends Close

This guide will help you to cause an earthquake and recruit an advisor.

Week 1

Studied Internal Affairs
Studied Foreign Intelligence
Sneak Out

Week 2

Studied Internal Affairs
Studied Foreign Intelligence
Send Her Away
Talk to Father

Week 3

Studied Accounting
Studied Trade
Sneak Out


Studied Strategy
Studied Strategy
Sneak Out

Week 5

Studied Strategy
Studied Strategy
Play with Toys

Week 6

Studied Public Speaking
Studied Public Speaking
I Will Do It
Speak to Father

Week 7

Studied Public Speaking
Studied Public Speaking
Attend Court

Week 8

Studied Trade
Studied Production
Play with Toys

Week 9

Studied Trade
Studied Production
Prepare for Battle
Play with Toys

Week 10

Studied Production
Studied Accounting
Speak to Selene

Week 11

Studied Accounting
Studied Accounting
Attend Court

Week 12

Put on Tuxedo
Studied Voice
Studied Instrument
Accept his Offer
Visit Treasury

Week 13

Studied Voice
Studied Instrument
Put Her to Work
Visit Selene
Do It

Week 14

Studied Voice
Studied Reflexes
Visit Dungeons

Week 15

Studied Reflexes
Studied Reflexes
Invite Talarist
Visit Dungeons

Week 16

Studied Reflexes
Studied Reflexes
I will Parade and Make a Speech
Play Sports

Week 17

Studied Archery
Studied Archery
Nod Yes
Play Sports

Week 18

Studied Archery
Studied Archery
Shame Her with Silent Scorn
Noble Plots
Visit Tomb

Week 19

Studied Archery
Studied Wield Magic
Raise Taxes
Visit Tomb

Week 20

Studied Resist Magic
Studied Wield Magic
Attend Service

Week 21

Studied Resist Magic
Studied Sense Magic
Visit Tomb

Week 22

Studied Sense Magic
Studied Sense MagicLeave Him with Arisse
Visit Tomb

Week 23

Put on Magical Girl Outfit
Studied Sense Magic
Studied Sense Magic
Test Her for Secret Skills
Sneak Out

Week 24

Studied Sense Magic
Studied Resist Magic
Send the Musician to Gather More Information
Sneak Out

Week 25

Studied Resist Magic
Studied Resist Magic
Try to Win Her Support
Visit Tomb

Week 26

Studied Wield Magic
Studied Wield Magic
That's Hilarious
Ignore It
Visit Tomb

Week 27

Studied Wield Magic
Studied Meditation
Go to Sudbury for Gwenelle's Party
Visit Tomb

Week 28

Studied Meditation
Studied Meditation
Side with Her Mother
Agree to Marry Him
Walk in the Gardens

Week 29

Studied Divination
Studied Lore
Walk in the Gardens

Week 30

Studied Divination
Studied Lore
Walk in the Gardens

Week 31

Studied Meditation
Studied Meditation
Visit Selene

Week 32

Studied Meditation
Studied Resist Magic
Save it For Later
Attend Court

Week 33

Studied World History
Studied World History
Attend Court

Week 34

Studied World History
Studied Foreign Affairs
Stay in the Capital
Attend Court

Week 35

Studied Foreign Affairs
Studied Foreign Affairs
Play Sports

Week 36 

Studied Novan History
Studied Novan History
Refuse Outright
Meet with Advisors

...and that's it!  Go ahead and finish the game however you like - it's hard to mess up now!

FFV iOS - Second Ability Slot Greyed Out?

I have just been having the most ridiculous problem with Final Fantasy V for the iOS.

In short, I couldn't figure out how to equip a second ability.  I have abilities learned, the slots are there...I could not figure out the problem.  They were just greyed out, like this.

I've been googling frantically, and watching youtube videos in the hopes that someone would open the goddamn menu and show me the obvious thing I must be missing, because no one else in the whole of the google has this problem.

It turns out that what you need to do is tap on the second slot, where the little hand is.  I was assuming that the little hand meant it was already selected, but it doesn't.  I don't know what the little hand is for.

Tap on it and your screen will go like this so you can equip stuff.

I share this in case anyone else has the same problem!

Habitica, ADD and Studying

More than a year since I first discovered Habitica (formerly HabitRPG) I'm still using it.  As I've discussed in previous posts, it's a gamification site.  You set yourself daily tasks or habits (to do, or not do, whenever) and tick them off.  Each tick gives your little character more experience, gold, and items for collecting pets.  If you're on a quest then your actions will also damage the enemy.

Since September I've been attending college, completing an access course with the goal of attending university from 2016.  I've found Habitica quite invaluable in managing my ADD and completing tasks.

Add is essentially a lack of executive memory; it's hard to organise information.  There's also an element of time-blindness; it's harder to evaluate longer tasks and to motivate oneself to complete them in good time.

In class, I add a sticky note to every paragraph or info-point in my notes. During class, I don't make a point of reflecting on the information; I just write it down.

Later, I write up my notes and remove the stickies, which is one of my positive habits - remove the stickies ('Revision Tabs').  I get a tick for every single one that I get rid of.  This is also when I reflect on the information; I rephrase, rewrite and tie things together.  The act of doing this also helps me to remember it.

One of my dailies is to study.  I would struggle with a more holistic approach, like studying more when I need it or less when I don't.  I work better with an all or nothing thing, so I try to do an hour per day; it's fine to miss a day as long as it adds up to seven hours by Sunday (note: 52 uninterrupted minutes is an hour as far as this is concerned).  I track those hours as a 'to do'.  Every week I start a 'study' goal.  I add each hour I complete as a line on the checklist - each check works as a multiplier on the rewards I get when I tick the item off on Sunday.  You'll notice from the large image above that I also have a '5 minute study' goal.  I get to tick that once for every five minutes each day that I study over my hour.

The 'extra study' goal is there for things like reading Essential Biology for Dummies (literally - it's pretty good) or working from another text book on something that's relevant but isn't strictly for class.  I've done it that way so I'll still get credit for the hours I put in but I won't use it to avoid actually working on the things I should do - another symptom of ADD is a fear of starting tasks.

Speaking of a fear of starting tasks sometimes I go a little bit easy on myself; I'll use the first few minutes of a study session to make piles of my notes and to write a quick list of what to get through.  I can do this without turning off my audiobook or netflix right away.  It splits up the tasks.  Instead of the big thing of sitting down to study I start my timer, get myself organised, then turn off my entertainment and focus.  Once I've done it the first time it's all ready for the next set and it's easier to start.

I also use to-dos to note down my assignments and what I want to complete in my study sessions.  This needs some work; I only have a vague idea of what I want to complete.  I should probably overhaul this a little more.

Finally, I also use to-dos to manage my attendance.  The first half of the autumn term was six weeks long.  With three class days per week that's 18 days.  I put each of those days on a checklist and ticked off the entire to-do at the start of half-term for a big reward.  I'm doing the same thing with the second half of the autumn term - nine more days to go.

Celestian Tales: Old North - Weapons and Medallions

Chapter 1

  • Sutandi - Levantine Castle
  • Hahtonen - Levantine
  • Robby - Levantine Docks
  • Laith - Mudtown

Chapter 2

  • Lockbow - Grenoble
  • Shogo - Map
  • Kukri - Orsea
  • Korhill - Orsea
  • Hunter's axe - Orsea
  • Recurve Bow - Orsea

Chapter 3

  • Ritual Blade - War Camp
  • Voulge - War Camp
  • Bergeron - War Camp
  • Greataxe - War Camp

Chapter 4

  • Elpas - Longtooth Pass
  • Arbalest - House Uicisse
  • Misericorde - House Uicisse
  • James - Moncalm
  • Tevio - Moncalm
  • Composite Bow - Moncalm
  •  LLoyd - Grenoble
  • Mitsuo - War Camp
  • Trident - War Camp

    Chapter 5

    • Flamberge - House Uicisse
    • Berger - House Uicisse
    • Leaftanuki - Levantine
    Chapter 6

    • Prince - White Rock Hills
    • Sutrisno - shore of White Rock

    Chapter 7

    • Mikers - Levantine
    • Levaque - White Rock Hills

    Celestian Tales: Old North

    Celestian Tales: Old North is a game released on Steam last month.  I picked it up in a sale.

    Old North is the start of a three-part series from Ekuator Games.  It was funded on Kickstarter, a campaign which I managed to miss although I certainly intend to throw some cash at them for the next one!

    Old North is a JRPG-style game.  Fairly short - my first playthough was 7:46 - and easy.  Battles are turn-based, and your characters have stamina points which build up each turn to allow you to use skills.

    The most interesting thing about the game is the six main characters.  You can play through as any one of them (and get an achievement for finishing the game as all six).  While the main plot remains the same, each character has a unique viewpoint, with their own scenes and knowledge.  Camille, for example, learns something very important from her brother near the end of the game which the other five characters remain totally unaware of, while Aria, the dogmatic Paladin, seems a lot more human when you see her defying her father and struggling with honouring a dead soldier of another religion.

    The overarching plot is that of these six characters becoming Squires, and taking part in a war and various political events which shape their world.  As the game is the first chapter of three, it ends of something of a cliffhanger.  Throughout the game you make choices - such as letting a group of bandits go to trial or be hanged by the villagers - which, in theory, will change the shape of the future games in the series.

    The game is short and simple enough - with one hidden boss to beat and some weapons to upgrade as side-plots - that playing through it six times only feels like a bit of a chore, especially with the added intrigue of new scenes.  This game has seven short chapters and a maximum level of 30.

    I like that, of the six main squires, four are women.  I like that those women are dressed practically and not to titillate.  And I like the subtleties and moral ambiguities present in the game.