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HabitRPG, Part 2

An update to my earlier post.  For those who didn't read it, HabitRPG is a browser-based real life incentive game (with iOS and Android apps).  You set yourself various tasks to do in real life, and earn exp and gold when you do them.  Gold can be exchanged for various rewards, either self-imposed or set by the game itself.

I gave an overview of the game in my previous post, so this one will focus on my experiences with the game since starting.  I've managed to do a lot of things I'd normally put off, for instance, actually watching a DVD I bought months ago.  And I've avoided doing some things I normally would have, like buying new books.  I've also kept up with studying Python and finished a coursera course.  Right now, I'm in the process of another one, on guitar skills.

At level 10, you can choose a class for your character.  I went with a mage, which really isn't me.  Normally, I'd go for a red mage, because I love being a good all rounder.  Seriously; I can slog through piles of enemies with a decent strength and defence stat, just burn them all if I'm set upon by a crowd, and heal myself whenever I need to.  What's not to love about a red mage?  Unfortunately, it wasn't an option.


Class options are as follows;

Warrior - Deals high damage to tasks - so they get back to the good colours (blue, green) and away from bad ones (red) faster.  Moderate defence (takes less damage from undone dailies).  Can buff strength and constitution (more on those later).

Healer - High defence against undone tasks, can heal themselves and their party members.  So, useful if you or your team aren't always brilliant about getting your dailies done.  Can buff constitution.

Rogue - gets more random item drops and gold from completing tasks.  Higher chance of dealing critical hits, which result in more exp and gold.  Can use a stealth skill to avoid damage from undone dailies.

Mage - Moderate damage to tasks.  High experience, can buff intelligence, restore MP and freeze streaks.

My party - me as a mage and Bookety as a cleric.

My logic was...well, I don't miss dailies, so neither Healer nor Warrior gave me much of an advantage.  Plus, I hate the thought of being a healer.  I am not a frigging support character, I'm a one-woman party of a red mage.  Though, in fairness, HabitRPG healers are rather better at soloing than most RPG healers, my mind still rebels against classing myself as one.  So that left Rogue and Mage.  I like gold and random items, but, again, since I don't miss dailies, the special skill didn't offer much.  Plus, it seemed like an overdose of gold and items would make the game too easy, rather than just a boost in levelling, which would get me similar advantages anyway, once my stats went up.  Plus, since you can decide where your own stats go each level, I could boost strength as much as I wanted.  And there's nothing stopping my little mage from carrying a sword if she likes - you can't buy new ones, but you can have your staff equipped and show you avatar as carrying a sword if you like.  So Mage it was.


Strength - increases damage done to tasks, restoring them to a healthy colour faster.  Also increases bonus when a critical is scored.

Constitution - decreases damage taken from not completing dailies, or bosses.

Intelligence - increases experience earned from tasks.  Also increases mp, which is used for casting spells.

Perception - increases gold and items gained.  Also increases the rewards for streak bonuses., for the way I play the game, intelligence and perception are important focuses for me, with strength as a secondary consideration.  I'm a squishy, glass cannon wizard.  Bookety up there is my tank.


Sometimes, when completing a task you'll gain items - generally, either food, eggs, or hatching potions.  You can use the hatching potions to hatch the various eggs into different types of animals.  There are nine different types of eggs and ten different kinds of hatching potions, for a total of ninety different pets, not counting gryphons.  Pets can appear in your avatar, and will grow into mounts when you feed them enough.  That one in my avatar is a red fox mount, while Bookety has a skeleton something-or-other pet.  Possibly dragon.

Pets are cute little collectibles, and a fun way to keep the game more interesting.  If you have the gems, you can buy eggs, potions, and food in the market. 


You are able to subscribe to HabitRPG.  Basically, you give them $5 a month, and they give you a couple of perks.  I decided to go for this yesterday, based on the following considerations.  Firstly, £3 a month?  I spent that on a starbucks hot chocolate.  Secondly, it's pretty much the only way to get gems, which unlocks a fair bit of extra gameplay.  Finally, they deserve it.

The big reward for me, as I said, was the gems.  Formerly, you'd automatically get a couple of gems each month, but after a recent upgrade, that system has changed.  Now, you can buy a gem for twenty gold pieces, so you do still have to earn them.  I do prefer that system, really.

You also get the ads disabled, retain the full history of your entries, and your daily drop caps are doubled.


You can purchase quest scroll for 4 gems each.  I've just started one, and I'm waiting for Bookety to join, so more on that once we've actually done it.

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