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Final Fantasy VII - Spoiler-free Item, Achievement & Subquest Walkthrough, Part 3

Start of Disc 3

- Head to Cosmo Canyon and up to Bugenhagen.  After a scene, you'll have Red XIII's Final Weapon.
- Head to the basement of Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim for a scene.

Ancient Forest

- Now that you've defeated Ultima Weapon, you can walk over the crater to the Ancient Forest.  You can get here earlier with a Gold Chocobo, if you prefer.
- In the first area, pick up three insects, and put them near the three flowers hanging from the top of the screen.  Place the insects into the flowers and leap over before they are digested.  You can pick up a Spring Gun Clip on this side, and you can grab the Supershot ST by carefully walking into the snapping flower from the right.
- In the second area, grab an insect, then use the vine to jump up.  Place the insect in the hanging flower, then jump across.  Here, you can pick up a frog.  Place it on the left hanging flower, and have Cloud stand on it until it spits the frog out.  That'll throw you up to a ledge with a beehive, which you can put in the snapping flower so you can access the Slash All Materia.  Finally, use another frog on the right pitcher flower and have Cloud stand on it until he is thrown into the next area.
- in this third area, use two insects to jump across the hanging flowers to the vine.  This will slingshot Cloud up into higher branches.  First follow them up and round to the right to get the Typoon Materia.  Then go back to where you were and follow the branches down to pick up the Minerva Band you could see in area 2.  Use the frog to get back to area 3.
- This time, go up to the vines and, instead of jumping across the three vines, go down (use select to see the path).  You'll be back in area 3, running down a rope.  Head over to the right, and use an insect to jump across the hanging flower to grab the beehive.  Use the beehive to close the snapping flower, use another insect to get back to the left side of the area.  Use one of the insects here to lure a frog out of the hollow tree.  Use the other insect to get back over to the right, and throw the frog into the far-rightest hanging flower.  Stand on this until it flings you into area 4.
- Pick up the Apocalypse sword and an Elixir, in chests.

Northern Crater

- Go to the northern crater and press cancel to lower the airship into it.  You can still get out of here later.
- Pick up the save crystal in the first chest you come to.  Go down the spiral, and pick up the guard source from the chest.  You can learn Dragon Force from the Dark Dragons down here.
- On the next screen, go down via the right side to pick up a Guard Source.  Carry on down on the right to get a Mind Source.
- Go left and climb back up to get a magic source and an elixir.  Climb up a bit further for a Power Source, with a HP Absorb Materia hanging out on the same ledge. Run back down to the new area.
- In this new area, run to the right to drop down to the ledge with a Mind Source.
- Jump up and go over to the other side of the Mind Source chest.  You can enter the cave to obtain a Megalixer.
- Come back out to the ledge and go all the way left to jump down to a lower ledge with a chest containing a Hero Drink.
- Go into the cave near the Hero Drink.  Pick up the Guard Source, then go north and into the tunnel.  You'll come out near the chest containing a Power Source.  Finally, exit this screen to the north.
- Go down as far as you can, sticking to the right side of the screen and running through the interconnecting tunnels when necessary.  Eventually, you can drop off the bottom of the screen and meet up with your party members. Consider using the save crystal before doing so.
- When you first split the party, send everyone except Tifa left.  Tifa goes right.
- At the second split, send Cloud, Vincent and Cait Sith down, everyone else goes up.


- There are chests containing a Remedy, Elixir, and X-Potion in this first area.
- In the second area, jump down to the path.  There's a Turbo Ether in the chest near the bit where you can climb back up, a vaccine to the right, and a Magic Counter materia when you loop round to the left.  It's in the Mako - examine the side of the path.
- There's a Turbo Ether and a Speed Source in the chests on this screen.  You can pick up the Mega-All by pressing confirm at the right time during Cloud's jump.  It might take a few goes.

Head to the next screen and grab the luck source.  Don't go anywhere else.

Now go all the way back up the way you came.


- Go down the right path (the one you sent Tifa down).  At this point, put all of your Enemy Skills on one character.  You may run into a Dragon Zombie around here, from which you can learn the skill Pandora's Box However, this will only be used once, by one Dragon Zombie in the game.  It will be used as a finishing skill on the character who deals the final blow.  You can also meet Marlboro's around here, if you missed the Bad Breath skill earlier.  You can also learn Roulette from Death Dealers.  Finally, you can run into Pollensalta's down here, which you can manipulate to learn Angel Whisper.  In other words, you can master your enemy skills materia here.
- Go down the spiral and pick up the Elixir and the Mystile Armour.
- Further down, you can pick up a Tetra Elemental, a speed source, and two Megalixirs.  They're located to the far left and far right of this screen.
- Climb down the dragon skeleton, and up through the exit nearby, which leads back to the left/down path.



- In this area, you will face Magic Pots.  Use an elixir on them and then defeat them for lots of exp and ap.
- You can pick up a magic source and a remedy on this screen.
- Grab the vaccine and the Shield Materia, then go left from the materia to reach the chest containing the Imperial Guard.  To the far right, you'll find a chest containing a Hero Drink.
- In the next room, you'll find the (support) Counter Materia in the middle of the glow.  You'll also find the W-Magic Materia in the trees to the far north.  And that should be the last Materia in the game!
- Collect the Luck Source and meet up with your characters, who should provide you with duplicates of several of the items in the tunnels.

Now you can go back up and finish anything you have left in the game.  At this point, I still need to level up my characters, collect sources, master materia, and defeat Ruby and Emerald Weapons.

Defeating Emerald Weapon

I faced Emerald at level 77.  Cloud had W-Summon, KOTR (level 2), Hades, a mastered Magic Plus Materia and mime.  Tifa has Phoenix and W-Item.  Barrett has Mime and 7777hp.

Barrett begins the battle by doing 64 * 7777 damage with lucky 7s, which is almost half of Emerald's HP.  Cloud double cast KOTR and Barrett mimed it.  With Magic Plus Cloud does over 8000 damage per hit while Barrett does 7777 per hit.  That's 26 hits each, which brings Emerald down to approximately 92,070hp.

If Emerald does attack Barrett after your first round of attacks,  thus negating the lucky 7's state, he'll still do approximately 4000 * 26 damage, bringing Emerald down to 190272hp.

You want to hope Cloud is still alive to mime KOTR again as this will defeat it.  Otherwise, have Tifa use either Pheonix or phoenix downs and megalixers to heal everyone.  If you're unlucky, hopefully double-casting Hades and limit breaks will kill Emerald before it kills you (hint: I was lucky).

If you struggle with this, try putting mime on Tifa, or even levelling enough to gain another mime.  I also had to rely on luck because my KOTR was so low-levelled, meaning once I'd lost my chain of miming I could't cast it again.

- Emerald Weapon: Achievement.

Defeating Ruby Weapon

This was tougher, since Lucky 7s won't help - you can't damage Ruby until it drops its claws into the ground.

I gave character 1 (Tifa/Yuffie)  Phoenix attached to Final Attack, and Mime.  Then I filled the rest of her slots with unmastered All Materia since I'm going for the Gil achievement.

I gave character 2 (Cloud) Master Summon attached to HP Absorb, Mime, and W-Summon.

Finally, character 3 (Red XIII) had Mime and W-Item.

All characters had a double or triple AP weapon and a Mystrile as Armour.  All spare slots filled with all Materia.

Enter the battle with all characters except Tifa KOd, and summon Phoenix to revive them.  Have Cloud W-Summon Hades and KOTR.  Hades will paralyse Ruby and prevent it from countering with Ultima while KOTR is for damage.  Mime constantly.  You might take a hit or two from the tentacles, but HP-absorb will fix that.  Ruby has 800,000hp so if you do around 6000 damage per hit it takes about 11 castings of KOTR to take Ruby out.

If all of your characters die, Phoenix should revive you.  Use a megalixer or two and start the mime chain again.

- Ruby Weapon: Achievement.

End Game

Head back to the Left-Up section of the Northern Cave to finish mastering Materia.  Remember that you need to have all mastered Materia in your inventory for it to count.

- Materia Overlord: Achievement.

Keep one or two All Materia on every character; this will let you keep mastering them, for 1,400,000 gil each time.  This is the easiest way to get 999,999,999 gil.

- Master of Gil: Achievement.

Level to 99.

- Top Level: Achievement.

Defeating Sephiroth

When you're ready, head further down into the crater.  Pick two companions and start jumping; you've got a chance of facing a battle with every jump and Jenova Synethsis is waiting at the bottom.

Jenova Synthesis

If you use Knights of the Round, Sephiroth will gain 60,000hp.  I took him out with two 4x cuts from Cloud and a couple of Pandora's Boxes.

Bizzaro Sephiroth

You'll need to split your party into three groups at this point.  You'll get the chance to change their equipment and equip materia.

Safer Sephiroth

This is the final battle.  Don't hold anything back.

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